Nathan King was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where he recalls fond memories of living by the sea, a city with a small town feel, and truly hospitable people. Looking for that same feeling in his travels across this beautiful country, Nathan finally landed in the Comox Valley where he discovered what he now calls home. In his travels, he developed a keen interest in real estate through investments and selling homes on his own accord which initiated his passion for assisting folks near and far in selling and purchasing the homes of their dreams here in the Comox Valley. Saying farewell to Nova Scotia at the age of 18, Nathan began a career with the military in Edmonton, Alberta with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, where he served overseas in Afghanistan. In 2011, Nathan was honoured to be posted to the Comox Valley as one of the Air Force’s elite Search & Rescue Technicians. This has truly been a dream come true for this avid outdoorsman and natural leader. An advanced trauma life support rescue specialists trained in parachute, diving, hoisting and mountaineering operations, as well as wilderness survival in extreme conditions, Nathan is no stranger to tackling tough tasks with a high standard of professionalism. While very proud of his service, the opportunity arose for him to lay down roots and call the Comox Valley his permanent home. By taking a part time position with the Air Force, he’s afforded the ability to both serve his country and pursue a career in real estate. Growing up playing hockey and continuing to love the game, it came as no surprise to discover his natural passion for coaching. When not assisting clients, falling from the sky, or being totally rad, Nathan volunteers with the Comox Valley Minor Hockey Association. Through this program he is able to coach, lead and provide a positive role model for the Comox Valley’s next generation. Nathan feels privileged to dedicate his time to equip young athletes with the tools to achieve their potential on and off the ice. Being a resident in the Comox Valley, Nathan has a great appreciation for what this beautiful gem has to offer. Mountain biking, fishing, hiking, skiing, the odd round of golf and fires on the beach are just some of the ways Nathan, his partner Kim and their four children like to spend their free time.